Treasures from “An Amorous Discourse”

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A point in unique, precious time, a second extending forever, a condensed time in a singular imagination. "I am totally given over to this discovery (...) to the point where any intense curiosity for someone encountered is more or less equivalent to love..." *.


A response similar to that which Flore-Aël Surun and Pierre-Yves Brunaud are moved to offer in this series in the form of dedication, enabling us to view a multitude of images based on their meeting. This visual intuition offered to the other as proof of love recounts that magic moment, unique like little poems. Every picture depicts an ecstatic state in the sensual story.

“The amorous subject draws on the reservoir of figures, depending on the needs, the injunctions or the pleasures of his image-repertoire”.


From the celestial glare to the organic lungs, love is a matrix. The bodies disappear, hide, unite and amalgamate, becoming mineral, vegetable or cosmic. Love is a world of transparency where bursts of desire are projected. The one becomes the other and embodies the expression of that feeling so universal.



Laetitia Guillemin


* All quotes are taken from "A Lover's Discourse: Fragments" by Roland Barthes


Série réalisée en duo avec Flore-Aël Surun / Tendance Floue