Matter to build
Eliet & Lehmann architectes

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Through two materials and two architectural projects, Matter to Build is careful walk from the bottom of the quarry to the construction site ; around business processes, processing, packaging, supply and implementation of two extremely durable materials: stone and brick.


Learning the art of building is a long adventure, made of encounters. Each material, when it is supplied on site, has already experienced a long history of successive transformations. This complex process, craft or industrial, responds to specific rules. They come from the nature of the material, its mode of extraction - operating - or processing of existing local economic conditions or tools, these rules determine the possible, the doable.


Explore these rules, understand the reasons behind what is available, is at the heart of the architect's concerns.


Denis Eliet & Laurent Lehmann, architects


Exposition itinérante 2011- 2012 :

  • Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture Paris-Belleville,
  • ENSA Paris-Val de Seine,
  • ENSA Grenoble