Underroof living, Craon (53)
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Rénovation d’une maison existante et la transformation d’une dépendance en habitation à Craon (Mayenne)


Architectural intentions

This old "mayennaise" farm, unoccupied for more than four décades, is one of the few specified building of the région not having been thorouhgly restored over time.
The design takes advantage of the the slate tiles, being the main patrimonial characteristics of the buildings surrounding the squared courtyard. Those will be the common ground as their coninuation towards a great gutter will reunite two buildings. The traditionnal timber frame has been restored by a companion, do define the great volumes of the living rooms. The new architectural interventions had to be perceptible. While the existing openings are traditionnally implemented on the inner edge, the new ones are put on the outer edge of the masonry. Two large sliding and folding doors allow to recover the initial functions of the farm, as well as creating a visual and physical relation between the courtyard an the surrounding fields.


Environemental approach

The existing wooden frames are conserved and restored. The building extension, conforming to the tradition of the local lower architecture, is made of a wooden framework and cladding. Due to patrmonial requirements, insulation is made Inside with hemp and lime blocks in order to maintain the inertia of the existing walls. The inertia will add to the efficiency of the mass stove that is being placed, sole heating system of the house. The thermal performance is improved by a balanced ventilation, thermal solar panels (for hot water) Rainwater is being retrieved in two citerns right below the great gutter. Black water is treated by phyto-purification. Existing materials are being re-used as much as possible: démolition wood to restore the framework, terrracotta fllor-tiles ….